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Sweet Corn

Sweet Corn Varieties & Production Practices (U of MN)
Sweet Corn Workshop, Grand Rapids, MI (Dec. 2008)
Sweet Corn for Processing: Value and Risk of IPM for European corn borer (U of MN)
Corn Pollination (OSU)
Corn Growth Stages - Vegetative (ISU)
How a Corn Plant Grows (ISU)
Maize Insect Pests in North America (Radcliffe's IPM World Textbook)
Degree Days for Common Fruit & Vegetable Insect Pests (U of WI)
Scouting Vegetables for Pests (U of WI)


Early-season Insects

Mid-Late Season Insects

European Corn Borer

Corn Earworm

Western Bean Cutworm


Corn and Sweet Corn IPM Publications (how to order):