Degree-day Models and Forecasts for Selected Insect Pest Species in the Midwest Region

Anthony Hanson & Bill Hutchison 
Extension Post-doc, and Extension Entomologist, MN Extension IPM Program, & Dept. of Entomology, St. Paul campus

Degree-day models are a useful tool for understanding and forecasting the phenology (timing) of key events in the life cycle of arthropod (insect, mite) and plant species. As part of the Minnesota Extension IPM Program, we provide state and region-wide DD updates during the growing season, for selected insect pest species. Beginning in 2018, the following species are being modeled:

ECB (Multivoltine)

ECB moths

ECB (Univoltine)

ECB larva

Seed Corn Maggot


Cabbage Maggot

cabbage maggot

Brown marmorated stink bug

 BMSB adult (David R. Lance, USDA APHIS PPQ,