Vegetable IPM Updates

[9/17/2020] A new weekly vegetable pest update has been published. Read the current article here. 

[8/19/2020] At Wold Strawberries, in rural Mabel, they’ve built a reputation for excellent pick-your-own strawberries.  As the berry season closed, Suzanne Wold-Burkness recently answered questions about the latest addition to the berry farm.  Strangely enough, the latest addition isn’t anything meant for human consumption or sale, but simply wild flowering plants.

[7/16/2020] A new "What's Killing My Kale" podcast has been published. Listen to the podcast here.

[4/10/2020] A new 2-episode series on What's Killing my Kale podcast that focuses on spotted wing Drosophilla (SWD) management is available. Listen to the podcast here

[3/30/2020] A new "What's Killing my Kale" podcast mini series that focuses on climate change and fruit and vegetable production is available. Listen to the podcast here

[3/20/2020] Information for fruit and vegetable producers during the COVID-19 pandemic: what we know. Read the Fruit & Vegetable News article here

[2/7/2020] Ben Phillips, Michigan State University, has published the Handy Bt Trait Table, which is available for download here, and on the Texas A&M Extension Entomology website

[12/5/2019] A private pesticide applicator recertification workshop focused for fruit and vegetable growers will be offered January 15, 2020. Get all of the details here

[10/4/2019] There are two new episodes of "What's killing my kale?" that deal with Swede Midge. Listen to both episodes here