Vegetable IPM Updates

[8/31/2017] Swede midge, a new invasive insect has made its way to Minnesota and is now causing damage to certain vegetables and crops.

[8/30/2017] A new pest profile describing the recently found insect pest Swede midge has been published.

[8/24/2017] During the past 7-10 days several Corn Earworm (CEW) pheromone trap volunteers have confirmed significant increases in moth flights, with counts ranging from 50/night at Owatonna and Rosemount, to >175/night at Blue Earth. 

Entomologists at the University of Minnesota continue to document and understand changes in European corn borer (ECB) populations in our state. 

Dr. Ian MacRae, Dept. of Entomology, University of Minnesota, Northwest Research & Outreach Center

Several different locations in the RRV are experiencing emerging Colorado potato beetles (CPB).  I've visited a few fields where overwintered beetles are contentedly finding mates and munching young potato plants (some places more heavily than others).  

New guidelines for pesticide plant-back restrictions have been published.

Syngenta has released a new insecticide that is available for use on vegetable and specialty crops.

Dan Engel, Purdue University has summarized the results of the USDA's pesticide residue study.

Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD) continues to demonstrate why it is one of the more devastating invasive insect pests in Minnesota.